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Beginners Guide to Online Shopping

There are two people in this world: those who live off online shopping and those who would never do it. I am, without a doubt, one of those who live off online shopping; and while that sounds like I probably spend a ton of money...I am going to teach you all the tricks to buying online without breaking the bank.

I do not discriminate on what types of items I buy online. COVID made it so I have not gone into a clothing store to shop in ages and I am not complaining because dressing room lighting is not my friend. So many of my friends always make comments on how they can never order online because they would be afraid nothing would fit, but as long as you know what type of clothing flatters you OR what type of clothing makes you feel unstoppable, then you will always love the clothes you order. Personally, I have a small waist but booty/thighs are larger so finding clothes that not only fit but made me feel good is no easy task. The key to finding clothes that will look great on you....READ REVIEWS. Amazon is my go-to for all online shopping but especially for clothes. I know that "boyfriend" jeans are mostly not a thing for me because one area will always look tight and one will be baggy. My arms are a problem area for me, so sleeves are my go to for any shirts or dresses. I know that Amazon is the only place I will ever order active wear from because they fit me the best and all the others either don't have a big enough waist band or they suffocate my thighs. Almost every dress I have worn to a wedding came from Amazon, and the amount of compliments I get is astounding. Amazon reviews are the best because you will see a ton of photo reviews with how the dress fit others. Some people would argue "it will look completely different on you than anyone" but it is easy to spot a review with someone who has a similar body type to you. Everyone will tell you how tall they are, how much they weigh, and the size they ordered, which makes it easy to pin point who's reviews relate to you this most. It wont look exactly the same on you, but you'll know enough to tell if you would like it. Reviews are key too for texture and quality concerns. The bottom line is KNOW your body and do your research by reading reviews!! You'll thank me later. This goes for kid's clothes too! I have order Mia many outfits from Amazon and always loved them.

My most recent Amazon dress purchase for a wedding:

Mia sporting an Amazon dress for a bridal shower:

As for furniture or household items, I have to admit it is rare that I found a piece I fell in love with in stores. My entire house for the most part was bought online and I wouldn't change a thing. If you know your aesthetic, the limit does not exist. One area of concern when ordering furniture or anything interior decorating related, is whether or not colors will mesh. I won't lie, it is hard to do this online, but its possible. My house has a modern farmhouse vibe; and with that, my living room/dining room is an open concept. Naturally the furniture I loved for both rooms had a fair amount of wood pieces. I did not want every wood piece to match each other exactly because to me that would change the vibe from farmhouse to forest quickly. I kept to natural and dark brown wood grains with black accents. Essentially picking wood grains that had the same underlying tones and having every piece incorporate black steel to tie it all together. The key is to find a common denominator that will bring the room together. Many online retailers have an option to "see" the item in your room by using your smartphone's camera which is also so helpful. Reading reviews will be your bible for all things online shopping and this includes furniture. People will be honest about the quality of the product and many will post pictures of the product in their homes. This makes it easier to judge the color. The BIGGEST piece of advice I have is to make sure you read (an understand unlike me) the sizing dimensions of things. I am notoriously known for ordering doll house sized furniture for my real person sized home. Make sure you measure your space and know what sizes to look for! Learn from my mistakes guys.

My living room:

TV Stand Decor from Amazon:

Last but most importantly...use filters!! I filter every search I do online with my budget so I don't fall in love with something I cannot afford. Remember that black Amazon dress I showed you before? I spent less than $40.... You can find beautiful pieces that are in any budget, so never let that discourage you! I'll gladly welcome you to the champagne taste on a bud light budget group!

At the end of the day once you get over your fear of online shopping and follow those simple rules, you will soon be an avid online shopper like me! My Amazon Prime delivery guy knows me better than some of my friends at this point! If I am to recommend any online retailer, it is and will always be Amazon. For this reason, I am so excited to tell you that I have teamed up with Amazon to create some lists of my favorite items that I personally have and love! The link will be at the end of this post for you to go checkout! Please send me items you've ordered online and swear by; spread the wealth!

Amazon Shop:

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