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The 5 Makeup Must-Haves That Will Elevate Any Look

  • Raise your hand if you’ve searched the depths of YouTube to find not only the perfect makeup looks but how to create them. *Raises hand*

  • Raise your hand if you’ve Google’d the best makeup to buy that is affordable. *Raises hand*

  • Raise your hand if you’ve tried and failed many looks on your own. *Raises hand*

I am very fortunate to have a best friend, Johnny Luoma, who co-founded one of my favorite makeup lines and to have him at my disposal whenever I have a beauty question. Over the years of friendship, he has taught me some of the most crucial pieces of advice to take my looks to the level I’ve been searching for. WIth his guidance and years of research, this post will cover the 5 must-have makeup items that everyone needs to have in their arsenal.

1. Exfoliate

One of the first things Johnny taught me was that skincare is the MAIN ingredient to flawless makeup looks. Beautiful and healthy skin is the primer you never knew you needed. Exfoliating your skin removes any dirt or dead skin that is there, and leaves a smooth canvas to be painted on. You should exfoliate your face 2-3 times a week. My rule of thumb is I exfoliate Monday for a fresh start to the week and Friday to get rid of the entire week that is on my face. My favorite exfoliator is the Seibella Vitamin C exfoliating mask (linked below). The Seibella exfoliator not only gives you a deep clean, but the nutrients that are packed in it moisturize your skin. This mask is only $22 and will last you a couple of months at a time. You can find it with Melaleuca, a 100% referral based online shop club. You can email for a referral code!

2. Moisturize

Tip #2 that Johnny gave me was to moisturize. This may seem like a no brainer but it can be easy to forget in the business of everyday life. It doesn’t matter if you have naturally oily or dry skin, moisturizing is a non-negotiable. Dry skin will show through any makeup and take away from your look. My skin wakes up every day and decides whether it wants to be oily or dry for the day, so finding the right moisturizer was difficult. After many trials, the winner for me is something you can find in any drug store, CeraVe. I found that CeraVe didn’t leave my skin with an oily residue and absorbed so nicely. It comes in at $10.97 from Walmart which makes it so affordable for such great results.

3. Foundation

Okay so foundation is something that has taken me years to figure out. In my college years, I loved a good matte finish but as an adult (and keeping up with makeup trends) a dewy finish is the way to go. Over the years I have tried HUNDREDS of foundations and have found two that I love: one affordable option and one pricier (but not bank breaking) option. I tend to be a saver except when it comes to makeup so I personally lean more toward Rhianna’s Fenty Beauty Pro-Matte foundation. Although the name says matte in it, the matte finish is so soft that it creates the perfect mix between matte and dewy. I found that Fenty was super easy to match to my skin tone and is so lightweight you will forget you did an entire face of makeup. You can buy Fenty Beauty products at any Sephora or directly on the Fenty Beauty website for $36. For the affordable winner: L'oreal's Infallible Fresh Wear 24hr Foundation. This foundation blends very nicely and is also very lightweight. You can find it at any Ulta for $14.99.

4. Mascara

I would argue that your eyes are the focal point for any makeup look, and long luxurious eyelashes are the key to slaying any look. It completes any eye palette and ties everything together. I am lucky enough to have been blessed with long eyelashes, but even I strive for longer! There are so many mascaras on the market these days, but I’ve found that many fall short. A good mascara should translate from everyday to a night out on the town. Even if you are a false eyelash lover (like I am), a good mascara is again a non-negotiable. This, like foundation, is another item that I have spent years trying to find the best one and Melaleuca absolutely killed the game. Their Volume Extreme mascara has the dramatic look without any clumping or running. No one wants to be the racoon girl. This mascara comes in at $16.50 and you can email for a referral code!

5. Lipstick

The final, and my personal favorite, to any look is bold liquid lipstick. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a lipstick SNOB. I have tried every liquid lipstick there is, and unlike foundation, full matte is the way to go. Many liquid matte lipsticks are SUPER drying and end up cracking but there is only one that I use. My best friend Johnny has created the absolute best liquid matte lipstick there is. It feels like chapstick, it is so moisturizing and has a flawless matte finish. The best part about Entitled Beauty’s Liquid Lipstick is it passes any napkin test and i mean ANY napkin test. I always put chapstick on after my lipstick and EB’s liquid lipstick is the ONLY one that has never bled onto the chapstick. You will never have to second guess a kiss with this lipstick. You can buy Entitled Beauty Liquid Lipstick for $19 on their website directly and then thank yourself for the best gift you have ever bought yourself. My favorite color is Lipstick Lesbian which is the perfect pinky nude color.

These 5 must-have items will change any look from pretty to unstoppable. Two things that aren’t needed but take your look to another level are a good highlighter and a good bronzer. Both highlighters and bronzers can be multi-purpose and used as eye-shadows as well as creating beautiful contoured dimensions.

I can’t wait to see what looks you guys come up with! With these core items in your makeup arsenal, you will be able to create any look flawlessly and I cannot wait to see what looks you guys come up with!

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