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Under Budget: Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Okay so hear me out...fall is coming quick (don't shoot the messenger). I am a sucker for fall decorating, and this year I wanted to make the house look like a pinterest post BUT I didn't want my bank (or Brian) to notice. so how did I manage to decorate the entire place for less than $50? Buckle up baby, because mama's gonna teach ya!

I take great pride in my home. I work extremely hard to make it feel like an oasis and an escape from the day to day. Our homes are where we start and end our days. our homes are where we start and grow our families. They are where the next generation of leaders are blossomed. They are 100% ours. When I come home from work I want to feel relaxed and be able to genuinely unwind my mind from the day. My home is my safe space so I tend to take decorating for the seasons very seriously (partially because holidays are my absolute favorite). While I take so much pride in my home, I also take pride in the money I work so hard for on a daily basis. Not only do I have my 9-5 in finance, I am the creator and author of this blog; so when one work day ends...the next begins. This blog is my passion so I am beyond content with being creative and working hours on end to come up with content for you guys. So save those pennies, find your inspiration and get those creative juices flowing because here is how you decorate under budget.

Dollar Tree is the holy grail for decorating tastefully on a budget. The fall stuff is out on the shelves right now so you are going to have to go run now (after you finish reading this of course) because they are selling out fast. Anyone who knows me knows I cannot keep a real plant alive if my life depended on it; so you'll only find fake plants in my house. Also O'Malley (our first grader fur baby) will eat any living plants that step into our house. When you walk into any Dollar Tree the seasonal decorations will be on your left as soon as you walk in, and you cannot miss the gorgeous display of fake fall flowers. The deep reds, oranges, yellows and creams are ideal for the fall. They make your home feel warm and homey. Create your ideal fake flower bundle and pick up a cute vase (or a cute galvanized metal bucket). You can place these as a centerpiece on your dining room table or accents on any surface. Another idea for cute accents are the ceramic or woven pumpkins they have right now. They're perfect for sporadically placing around your house for subtle hints of fall. Dollar Tree also has serving trays, hanging signs, welcome mats, and a ton more for those perfect accents. I got all of my small accents from Dollar and only spent $25.

The next up on my list was a fall color blanket for the couch. My couch has neutral colored throw pillows on it throughout the entire year, so I wanted a warm fall color that would pop. When in doubt I search Amazon so I can abuse my prime membership, and was amazed at how many throw blankets they had for under $12. Pick your color and run with it!

The bold color of a throw blanket mixed with the beautiful fall accents placed throughout your home will make your home feel like it jumped out of your Pinterest page and into reality. Having a beautiful home doesn't mean you have to break the bank. All you need is a vision and Dollar Tree. I want to see what your fall decor looks like! Comment on this post or email us at your pictures!

Happy Pumpkin Spice Season everyone!🎃

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